This is why I didn’t give up.

Epic Matcha is 4 years old today.

And did you know that I ALMOST gave up on it?

I want to tell you the REAL REASON I started Epic Matcha, how I got lost along the way – and then found my way back.

Anytime you start something new, there’s always this rush of excitement – like when you welcome a new baby into the world – with all the hopes and dreams that go into it.

I started getting absorbed in all the doing – the so-called diapers and bottles, and forgot along the way the REAL reason I started Epic Matcha.

Last summer, I started recalling those reasons and the passion that began everything.

You see, five years ago, I wasn’t happy. YET– I had a wonderful (different) business for 10 years and a husband for 12 years, no kids, and amazing success.

Then, as if calling out from the air, I had this idea when my husband and I were traveling. Through serendipity and a series of synchronistic events, I found myself with matcha in my hands during a trip to Japan. As fate would have it, I started seeing matcha everywhere as I walked the Japanese streets with my family—in cafés, restaurants, food stands, grocery stores.

Matcha was, clearly, trying to get my attention.

And that’s when inspiration hit.

But first, life had some challenges.

Life was teaching me (the hard way) how to slow down. Since college, I’d been a super achiever—building my career, shooting to the top of companies and helping them bring in millions of dollars.

But I didn’t feel fulfilled. Something was missing.

My big insight moment was realizing that for me, all this achieving was my attempt to fill a void. And it wasn’t working anymore.

My new desire was to have a family (after years of thinking and telling myself I’d never be a perfect mom. After all, how could I succeed in both my career and my home?)

I decided to start the process.

And for the next seven years, I went through a powerful and trying transformation, riding the emotional rollercoaster of infertility…

My husband and I experienced so many ups and downs as we tried everything, from acupuncture to specialists, to grow our family. Our final attempt was to invest in a very invasive procedure (IVF), which comes with even more physical and emotional challenges.

And it didn’t work.

And then, I started hearing this faint intuition coming through…

One day, I was doing some research on depression and infertility. An ad popped up for a doctor, only 5 minutes away. My gut told me to see this doctor. I felt a hopeful feeling rush over me as I made the appointment. I just knew this was the right next step.

After that, I made one simple change in my life:

I opened up my heart…sat in stillness during my morning ritual…and started listening to my intuition…and REALLY learned how to distinguish my intuition from my self-talk….

What happened next?

I gave birth to my two most joyful creations.

My children and Epic Matcha.

I share my journey with you to inspire you on yours.

Looking back, I can see that by turning to self-care and my morning ritual, I was led to a greater purpose.

In fact, I was just looking through my journal the other day, and noticed an entry, which was right before we tried IVF again – on 7/26/15. It said, “What a wonderful week! Doing my morning ritual has blessed my life. I feel more happy, productive, positive, satisfied at the end of the day, less resistant to obstacles. My appetite has even changed – I haven’t been craving bad foods. In fact, yesterday was a cheat day and even with limitless possibilities, I didn’t feel like I needed it.”

I know my morning ritual has helped me grow in ALL areas of my life – health, wealth, happiness, relationships– everything!

And it’s helped me create the life BEYOND my wildest dreams!

(I don’t even want to think what life would look like if I didn’t do my morning ritual!)

You see, when we feel drained, we don’t have as much to offer others. And as women, we often find ourselves putting others first, often before ourselves.

And when my cup is full, I have more to give.

As I invest in my own self-care, I create the space to care for others around me.

It’s so counter-intuitive, but I can tell the difference energetically and emotionally when I take time for myself before turning to take care of others.

You know, like: “Put on your own oxygen mask first before you help others!”

Why? Because you’re utterly useless to others, if you’re always last on your own list.


After much encouragement from Epic Matcha customers, I’ve put together a program that teaches the essential way I start my mornings and my formula for self-care. This is everything I’ve learned in my own self-care journey, put into a step-by-step process for you to follow. And I’ve created a “30-day Challenge” that we can all participate in and grow with each other. It’s called the Epic Self-Care Challenge, and I’ll hope you join me!

XOXO, Christie