Eleven centuries ago, Buddhist monks in China discovered matcha for its energizing and calming effects. The monk Eisai introduced it to Japan in 1191, along with a tea ceremony and Zen Buddhism. Today, science has proven that matcha can improve focus, reduce stress, unlock creativity, and contribute to an energy boost, thanks to its amino acids (theophylline & L-theanine) and antioxidants (EGCGs).

How to Use

Add 1 tsp. matcha to 6-8 oz. of cold or hot water (under 175°F / 80°C) and milk (coconut, almond or dairy) and sweetener (stevia, agave or sugar), 1-4 times daily. Enjoy culinary grade organic matcha in smoothies, lattes & desserts (download free recipe ebook). Store in cool, dry location. ~45 one tsp. servings.
Contains: 100% pure, Certified Organic matcha green tea powder. Absolutely NO added flavorings, colorings or fillers.

Make an Epic Difference

Heart-centered contribution is whisked into Epic Matcha. When you invest in your health, you’re empowering yourself and empowering those in developing nations. www.EpicMatcha.com/chariteas