This 10-Minute Self-Care Routine Will Relax Your Mind

  • What’s the first thing you do every morning?
  • Is it filled with intention?
  • Or are you racing to meet all your obligations?

Slowing down and starting a self-care practice is one of the best ways to shift the energy of your entire day. When you fill yourself up first, you have so much more to offer others throughout the day.

Before you dive into all your obligations, deadlines and must-do’s for the day, allow yourself ten minutes to not have a single care in the world with some divine de-stressing. How do you do this?

With a simple yet intentional morning self-care routine. Here’s what that might look like for you:

Make a cup of matcha tea. Magical matcha from Asia can be a part of your morning ritual. Pulling from the ancient healing modalities of Japan, China and India, when matcha is used in ritual it’s a powerful tool in healing your body, mind and soul.

Set a timer for ten minutes.

Find a comfy, quiet space in your home.

Light a candle.

Do some deep breathing.

Work with daily affirmations and repeat them to yourself, Like “I love and accept myself exactly as I am” and “I am enough” and “Life loves me and I love life.”

Write in your journal. Try to answer questions like:
“If I felt really powerful to do whatever I wanted in life, what would I do?” and “What do I need to let go of to become the next great version of myself?”

This morning ritual of drinking matcha tea and answering a single question in your journal is the exact exhale your body has been craving and the stimulation your brain needs.

If you make this a part of each and every morning, you’ll start to see the ripple effect this routine has on the rest of your day. Starting your day with intention has a profound ripple effect on every project you touch, every person you interact with, and every word you speak.

Do one thing everyday that lights you up—and create a morning ritual to feed your soul.

Start to experiment and see what fills you up the most. Maybe it’s quietly sipping on your matcha while observing nature out the window. Maybe it’s a daily journaling practice. Maybe you set an intention for your day. Whatever it is, you know what’s best for you. Start to do this daily and watch your whole life transform.

Learn how to incorporate simple self-care practices into your day by downloading our Epic Morning Ritual Kit.