5 Ways Matcha is Your Favorite Weight Loss Superfood

5 Ways Matcha is your Weight Loss Superfood
Are you trying to lose weight? Whether you want to burn off 5 pounds or 50, you know that exercising and eating healthy will help you reach your goal.

What if you could get there even faster – and easier?

What if you could lose weight while you sleep, and benefit from every workout by burning more calories?

What if you could find a simple way to increase your energy AND reduce your stress levels at the same time?

You can – with Epic Matcha.

Matcha green tea powder is an incredible, all-natural weight-loss superfood.

This bright green beverage has been sipped by Buddhist monks for centuries, and today matcha’s potent health-boosting properties have been backed up by science.

Does Matcha Help You Lose Weight? The Science Behind the Sip

Epic Matcha’s unique combination of nutrients works on several levels to help you lose weight, be healthier, and feel better every day.

1. Matcha Increases Your Metabolism

Your metabolism isn’t set in stone. Many factors can cause your metabolic rate to fluctuate, including aging, muscle mass, hormones, and diet. One group of nutrients that has been proven to increase metabolism are polyphenol catechins, a unique component of a weight loss superfood know as antioxidants that are found in abundance in matcha.

2. Matcha Blocks Fat Cells

Catechins also works with caffeine to inhibit fat cells from forming in your body in the first place. The nutrients in matcha block the ability of your body to break down fats, which then pass through the body instead of becoming part of it. Fat is eliminated instead of being stored.

3. Matcha Protects You Against Free Radicals

Antioxidants are an important part of a healthy diet because they protect your body from damage by free radicals. Free radicals are toxins that cause disease, aging, chronic conditions – and weight gain. Matcha’s high dose of antioxidants helps your body to resist the effects of the toxins. In fact, matcha contains more antioxidants per serving than almost any other food on the planet.

4. Matcha Gives You More Energy

Matcha contains l-theanine, an amino acid that helps your body to process caffeine differently. Matcha provides a more sustained energy boost that lasts 4-6 hours, without any of the crashing or jitters associated with coffee. When you feel more energetic, you’ll be motivated to get active and exercise. You’ll also enjoy the activity more, which makes you more likely to do it again in the future.


5. Matcha Reduces Your Stress

Drinking matcha stimulates the production of alpha waves in your brain, which is a sign of mental relaxation. Studies have proven that L-theanine reduces stress and anxiety by inhibiting cortical neuron excitation. Stress leads to inflammation, which makes you susceptible to weight gain. Matcha’s relaxation-promoting compounds keep you mentally balanced, and less likely to reach for the candy jar.

Are you ready to try matcha?

Are you ready to try matcha and experience these weight loss benefits for yourself? Our matcha is 100% pure, USDA Certified Organic, and carefully sourced from the very best farms in China and Japan.

And you can purchase Epic Matcha with confidence. We stand behind our product 100%, and offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, even if the package is open. Don’t miss out on this incredible superfood. Order your Epic Matcha today!

First time to try this tea!
By D. Bergeson on September 19, 2015
Flavor: Japanese Culinary | Grade Size: 4oz | Verified Purchase
First time to try this tea! This was the first time we tried this green tea and we really enjoyed the taste! Have also noticed a boost in energy! Looking forward to using it in different ways and will purchase it again!

Love it!
By Pamela K. Bartay on June 21, 2015
Flavor: Japanese Culinary | Grade Size: 4oz | Verified Purchase
Love It! This is my 3rd bag of Epic Matcha Japanese Tea and now I have my husband hooked. I have 1/2 teaspoon every morning first thing mixed with a juiced drink that I have either juiced or one of the store boughts like The Naked Green Machine and then I workout. It gives me energy to do more weights and exercise longer.

By arther Jordan on April 25, 2015
Flavor: Japanese Culinary | Grade Size: 4oz | Verified Purchase
Amazing! I’ve had green tea before, but this stuff is NOT that. The smell in the bag is strong! The color is rich! A little goes a long way! I drink this twice a day. In the morning and right after I workout. It’s a great pick me up. I head to work after a cup and feel ready to take the day on . . . for hours! I workout with heavy weights and usually feel like a nap afterwards, but I can’t because I have to head back to work. This Matcha revives my tired gym body. The Matcha packing is great with a ziplock top which makes it great for travelling. I drink this in my protein ( a little makes it dark green which fools people into thinking I’m drinking some weird science experiment. I get a good kick out of it.) and in a hot cup of water with local honey … delicious. This Matcha comes from a family run business. I was happy once I received my purchased product, but it was what this company did afterwards that made me a customer for life. Thanks Christine. -Arther

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