What is Epic Matcha?

epic matcha

An Ancient Secret. A Magical Powder.

Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown tea leaves. Epic Matcha is a carefully-sourced, love-infused matcha that all began with an epic leaf.

A leaf that could be stoneground into matcha worthy of being epic—and capable of empowering others to live an epic life. A leaf to use in daily ritual, to be a cornerstone of intention in our days.

It all begins with the leaf. The better the leaf, the better the powder.

The search for Epic Matcha was driven by the sensory experience. The taste, the texture, and the color. I personally filled my hands and smelled the fresh green aroma in my quest to find the highest quality, most aligned matcha in the world. After sampling matcha leaves from over 60 green tea farms in Japan and China, we finally found the perfect sources.

epic matcha

Epic Matcha is sourced from Uji (Kyoto), Nishio, and Shizuoka in Japan. And in China, our magical matcha comes from rural regions where the opportunities for impurities are much less.

But our favorite part of Epic Matcha goes beyond the senses. It’s the history.

For centuries, Zen masters have benefited from the mind-calming powers of matcha: a focused mind, calm energy, and remarkable stamina. And matcha has been a staple of ancient Japanese ceremonies and rituals for just as long.

epic matcha

Now, you get to experience Epic Matcha in your life. It’s been carefully and thoughtfully curated and prepared for you. I hope you enjoy Epic Matcha as much as I did creating it.

I’m humbled by the over 300,000 health-conscious people who have joined the quest to find meaning, live intentionally and enjoy matcha in their lives.

Make Epic Matcha a part of your journey. Discover for yourself the core benefits, the varied types, and how to make matcha.