Explore Brain Boosting Matcha Tea Benefits

Matcha Benefits

Ancient Chinese and Japanese Have know of Matcha Tea Benefits for Thousands of Years.

Let’s take a deep dive into what the matcha tea benefits really are. The geeky science of green tea and what makes it so awesome.

Does your mind ever feel a little fuzzy? Do you have trouble recalling things, and does your thought process seem to get sluggish at certain times of the day?

It sounds like you need a brain boost – and matcha green tea powder could provide the enhanced mental clarity that you are looking for.

The health benefits of green tea products reach far and wide, from weight loss to decreased anxiety to disease prevention. Now, research shows that this superfood can also boost your brain.

The University of Basel, a respected educational institution located in Switzerland, recently carried out an interesting experiment. They provided a series of test subjects with either one ounce of green tea, or a whey protein drink that tasted just like green tea. Nobody was told what they were drinking.

Matcha Tea Benefits

Scientists observed the volunteers’ brain functions on a magnetic resonance image machine. Afterwards, the participants were asked to take part in an activity that would test the quality of their short-term memory.

The results of the study showed that of those who drank the green tea itself rather than the substitute performed better on the short-term memory tests. They also showed significantly different brain functions on their frontal and parietal lobes of the brain. Humans perform most of their advanced thinking in the frontal lobe, while the parietal lobe (located towards the back of the brain) processes background information, such as speaking. Green tea was shown to have significant effects on the abilities of both areas of the brain to interact with one another, providing enhanced information recall and boosting the natural thinking speed.

While the test subjects consumed high quantity dosages of green tea (one ounce is about six teaspoons), the test results still provide us with positive information about the health benefits of green tea products.

Like the drink that the volunteers sipped, matcha tea powder is also a way more potent version of your average green tea. It offers enhanced mental focus, clarity, and alertness without ever feeling jittery.

But don’t take our word for it – try Epic Matcha green tea powder and experience the matcha tea benefits for yourself, and experience firsthand the brain boosting benefits of this ancient elixir.