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The powers of matcha health benefits, prized by Zen masters for more than eight centuries. Matcha is a fine powder ground from green tea leaves, and whisked with water instead of brewing or steeping. Praised as one of the earth’s ‘superfoods’, the matcha health benefits in one cup of matcha tea outnumber most of the superfoods we’ve come to know and love.   This potent preparation provides up to 15 times more nutrients than standard green tea.

Feel more energetic all day long. Finish that to-do list. Discover the true potential of your physical and mental strengths – and do it all with a calm, relaxed state of mind. Discover the true potential of your physical and mental strengths through the healing power of matcha green tea.

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Matcha Health Benefits - Green Tea or Matcha - which is better?

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Though many people are still unaware of matcha green tea, it’s a Japanese tradition that dates back to the 12th century. Zen master Eisai brought the power of matcha health benefits from China all the way to his home in Japan.  Though his quest for inner-peace started long before he discovered matcha green tea, when Eisai planted the seeds of the matcha plant he felt his understanding of Buddhism took root.  He combined the epic power of matcha green tea with his teachings and established the tea ritual, a practice that is still celebrated in the Zen lifestyle today.

The best part about matcha green tea?  There are literally hundreds of ways to consume it.  From beverages to dessert or dinner, the ways to prepare matcha green tea in delicious recipes are endless.

Remember, not all matchas are created equal.  No other matcha has been more carefully prepared for you. Perfect for your lattes, smoothies, sweets, and more.

Balance your energy. Reduce stress. Prevent the early afternoon fade. Perform at the level you know you can.

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