Once Upon a Time… Matcha Green Tea Origins in both Japan and China

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Matcha is much more than a tea. From the very beginning, matcha has always gone hand in hand with an epic journey. It is an adventure from one reality to another; an expedition into greater awareness.

Matcha green tea is an odyssey of the mind – and it all started with a monk and some tiny round seeds.

Matcha green tea origins begin in the late 12th century, a Buddhist monk made an epic journey home to Japan. For four years, Zen master Eisai had pursued spiritual studies in China’s Anhui Province – and it was time to return to his native land. He journeyed with a head full of eclectic ideas – and a pouch of green tea seeds, taken from plants native to China’s Huanshan Mountains.

Upon returning to Kyoto, Eisai planted the green tea seeds on the on the grounds of the Daitokuji Temple in Kyoto. As the plants blossomed, so too did Eisai’s understanding of Buddhism – and his search for the ultimate experience. Fascinated by the effects of green tea as a complement to Zen, Eisai was driven to explore new and better ways to use the vibrant brew.

As he expanded the traditional teachings of Buddhism, Eisai also expanded the properties of green tea, by grinding its leaves into a fine powder. He wove the abundant properties of green tea into his teachings by establishing the tea ritual, a practice that is still an integral part of the Zen lifestyle today.

For more than eight centuries, Zen masters and their students have valued matcha as a prized ingredient in the ritual of the tea ceremony. It is used to enhance alertness, to increase presence of mind, and to enable a placid meditative state. Matcha facilitates the journey to awareness – and you can make the journey of matcha a journey of your own.

Epic Matcha is part of the ancient traditions of the green tea grown by monks on the grounds of the Daitokuji Temple in Kyoto. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, matcha enhances energy, metabolism, and mood. Matcha green tea origins in Japan stem all the way back to this period in their history.

Take Epic Matcha along on your own personal journey towards greater alertness, concentration, and creativity. Learn how to make matcha right at home.