Epic Matcha Green Tea Powder Health Matcha Café in Jakarta, Heaven Green Tea with Instagenic Spots

Matcha Café in Jakarta, Heaven Green Tea with Instagenic Spots

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Matcha is indeed not an original culinary from Indonesia. Even so, many people like preparations made from matcha. It tastes fresh and is suitable for various sweet dessert preparations. For you matcha lovers, there are several recommended places to visit. Where are the locations of matcha cafes in Jakarta?

Honu Eats

Another matcha cafe in Jakarta is Honu Eats. The location is quite new and has very fresh food. Examples of menus are Two & Two, Pink Matcha, Matcha Latte, and others. In Jakarta, there are three Honu Eats locations that you can visit, in Kemang, BSD, and also Menteng.

For those in Kemang, opening hours are from 10:00 to 21:30 WIB, every Monday off. Hours of operation differ from place to place. For the price, starting from IDR 40,000. Oh yes, the place is also beautiful suitable for OOTD’s.

Nokcha Jakarta

Nokcha Jakarta

Nokcha is a perfect place for you who love matcha and don’t like crowds. Here serves a variety of delicious matcha preparations. For example, there are Green Tea Latte, Devils Cake, Ice Matcha Latte, and others. Besides serving a variety of matcha preparations that tempt the tongue, this place is also Instagenic, you know. Lots of fun spots that can be shot into beautiful photos.

Besides that, it is very suitable as a place to hang out with friends. Here you can exchange ideas or even play online games, such as mobile legends, free fire and card games like gaple. If you’ve ever played gaple, of course you know kartu yang digunakan dalam permainan gaple are very unique. So, hurry up and visit this cafe and spend time with friends.

Amausaan Uji Matcha

Amausaan Uji Matcha is also another matcha heaven in Jakarta. There are a variety of delicious Japanese desserts available here. There are various cakes and drinks made from matcha. Examples of the menu are Fuji Matcha Crushed Ice, Kanten Matcha Sundae, Strawberry Matcha Towel Roll, and many others. Preparations made from matcha that make you excited.

Even the matcha menu here reaches 50 typical Japanese desserts. The address for Amausaan Uji Matcha is in Central Park, West Jakarta. The matcha preparations here are very fresh and delicious. The price is under IDR 100,000. Even though there are many menus, one of the favorites is Matcha Infused Cheesecakes.

Sugoi Japanese Ice Cream

Sugoi Japanese Ice Cream is also a matcha cafe in Jakarta that you shouldn’t miss. Here, it provides a variety of matcha preparations that make lovers spoiled.

The matcha processed menus here are also unique, for example, there are Green Tea Waffles, Lava Cookies, and many others. For the price, around IDR 60,000. The address is on the 2nd floor of Warung Bali Bu Gede, on Jl. Raya Guest House No. 8B, West Jakarta.

The taste of matcha that is served is authentic and the location is Instagenic. How, where do you want to visit first?

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