Make your own Healthy Matcha Frappuccino Recipe at Home

Starbucks-like Matcha Frappuccino

The Starbucks Matcha Frappuccino is a cool, creamy, calming concoction... and you can have nearly the same divine drink at home or at the office, with the help of only a few ingredients and a blender.

The Matcha Frappuccino is our favorite, go to drink by far, there are so many different ways to enjoy it. This was voted our staff favorite. This is a MUST try!

Mix in blender until smooth: 1 teaspoon Epic Matcha green tea powder, ¼ cup heavy whipped cream (cold). Coconut milk works too, ¼ cup water (cold or iced water), 1-½ cups Ice, 3 tablespoons vanilla syrup or favorite flavor of syrup. That’s it. You are now supercharged for the next 4 hours.

Make your own Matcha frappuccino at home with a tasty recipe from our beverage guide.

If you have discovered a tasty twist with your Mathca Frapaccino please share it with us, we would love to hear from you! 🙂

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