How to Make Matcha: The Ultimate List of Modern & Traditional Tools

How to Make Matcha: 10 Traditional Tools

How to Make Matcha:  10 Traditional Tools
Whether you want a traditional matcha experience or a quick and easy modern beverage, with the right tools it’s easy to learn how to make matcha.

Traditional Ceremonial Tools

How to Make Matcha: Bamboo Matcha Whisk (Chasen)Bamboo Whisk (Chasen) – Designed to produce the perfect level of froth when mixing matcha with hot water, a bamboo matcha whisk is hand-split from a single piece of wood. The most essential tool in your matcha set, the matcha whisk should be kept in prime condition. Replace if it becomes worn or damaged.

How to Make Matcha: Matcha Ceramic Bowl (Chawan)Ceramic Bowl (Chawan) – Matcha bowls come in various sizes. The best ones made by hand, and feature small imperfections. Deep bowls keep the tea hot and are often used in winter, while shallow bowls allow the tea to cool and work best in summertime.

How to Make Matcha:  Matcha Teapot KyusuTeapot (Kyusu) – Traditional Japanese teapots are made of cast iron and feature meaningful decorations. Lotus flowers symbolize purity and enlightenment, dragonflies are a sign of new beginnings, and a tiger evokes courage, bravery and protection.

How to Make Matcha: Sifter (furui) Mesh StrainerSifter (Furui) – Usually made of fine mesh metal, a sifter breaks up small clumps and helps to create a smoother, frothier bowl of matcha.

How to Make Matcha: Matcha Tea Whisk and Bamboo SpoonBamboo Spoon (Chashaku) – Also carved from a single piece of bamboo, this long, thin spoon is used to transfer tea from the storage container into the bowl for preparation.

How to Make Matcha: Natsume Matcha Tea ContainerTea Container (Natsume) – This small, lidded jar is designed to hold matcha powder, just prior to the tea ceremony. For longer-term storage, use an airtight tin storage container.

How to Make Matcha: Matcha Latte ThermometerThermometer – Zen masters use experience to gauge the correct water temperature for matcha – just under boiling. For those learning how to make matcha, a thermometer can help determine the right temperature, which should be no more than 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Modern Hacks

How to Make Matcha: Milk Frother Handheld WhiskMilk Frother or Handheld Whisk – Battery-powered milk frothers are the easiest and quickest way to achieve a smoothly blended matcha. They are relatively inexpensive and feature a stainless steel whipping rod. You can also use a simple, handheld whisk. Choose one on the smaller side for best results.

How to Make Matcha: Matcha Latte MugLatte Mug – With tall sides and thick walls, latte mugs are ideal vessels for making matcha. Larger than a coffee cup, these oversize mugs give you extra space for stirring, whisking and sipping.

How to Make Matcha: Electric TeapotElectronic Teapot – Modern teakettles heat water quickly and safely. Many include temperature controls that are set for various types of teas, which takes the guesswork out of heating water to the right temperature for matcha.

How to Make Matcha Lattes & Smoothies

Creatively combine matcha powder with natural sweeteners, nut milks and other tasty ingredients to make exciting recipes. Healthy and delicious, creamy matcha lattes and fruit smoothies are fun new ways to try this ancient superfood.

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