Wholesale Opportunities

Are you a holistic center, metaphysical shop, cafe, restaurant or retailer interested in using or carrying Epic Matcha products? If so, scroll down to schedule a call to discuss opportunities for your location.

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4 Ways to Offer Epic Matcha at Your Location
  • Make Epic Matcha tea in your lobby or cafe. Depending on the business model, some offer it as a complimentary cup or they sell it to the customer for $3 to $5 per cup. Meanwhile, it costs less than 50 cents per cup to make.
  • Retail Epic Matcha packages of 14-48 servings so your customers can make it at home (profit margins are in excess of 50%). The customer wins too, because they can make it at home for less than $1 per serving (as compared to up to $5 at a cafe).
  • Host a tea ceremony as a standalone event, or at the beginning or start of a workshop. Drink matcha tea and create opportunities for additional healing and learning. (We have a model for this if you need help creating this.)
  • White label matcha in your own brand packaging. We facilitate sourcing the organic matcha, the design and printing of the packaging, as well as handling US customs and delivery to your door.

About Christie Turley, Founder of Epic Matcha

Christie Turley is the founder of Epic Matcha, a cutting-edge beverage company dedicated to helping health conscious people thrive. Her signature ingredient, matcha, is a superfood and health-giving green powder from Asia, that can light a spark in the body, mind and spirit as part of anyone's daily routine. Christie founded Epic Matcha after a miraculous end to her 7-year battle with infertility and her experience working with 10,000s of high achievers and entrepreneurs. She packaged up everything she learned along her own self-care journey and working with highly successful people - and now is an advocate of self-care routines and morning rituals. A sought-after expert, speaker and consultant, Christie has been asked speak at health and business conferences, private mastermind events and digital conferences across the globe.

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Making an Epic Difference

Heart-centered contribution is whisked into Epic Matcha, made through our Chariteas initiative. A core part of our mission is making a difference around the world, especially in developing nations.

So when you invest in Epic Matcha, Christie invests in our Chariteas, empowering and supporting the worldwide projects that are near and dear to her heart. Sometimes it can feel like the world is too big to change. But there's a different reality she believes in, “how small things can lead to a big impact,” and it's what Epic Matcha is rooted in.