All the Benefits of Matcha Green Tea in 1 Cup: the Epic Booster Power Shot

Epic Matcha Shots Booster

Epic Matcha Shots Booster
It’s hard enough to stay awake in the morning, let alone to focus. For many of us, it doesn’t matter how much sleep we get, we’re still exhausted in the morning. The problem is coffee and energy drinks are a temporary fix that tend to make you feel worse after the crash. Yet, ‘dealing’ with the exhaustion can seem just as bad.Luckily, someone got the idea to solve this almost ancient conundrum in a simple, healthful way: power matcha shots.

Matcha shots have become a go-to way to get tons of energy and nutrition from a beverage that can fit in a shot glass. Unlike energy drinks that are weighted with chemicals and additives, natural matchashots provide the same kick with none of the lag.

Epic Matcha has handcrafted a powerful focus-boosting shot that delivers exactly what you need in the morning or afternoon.

This powershot is a great go-to morning kick that packs all the benefits of matcha green tea powder into one simple and sweet shot.

Epic Booster: Matcha shot

The focus-boosting power shot.
Epic Booster:  Matcha shot


  1. Add all ingredients into a blender.
  2. Blend until powder is mixed into the liquid. Enjoy!

Yield 1 Matcha Booster Shot

What makes our Epic Booster so good for you?

We’re glad you asked.

First of all, it contains all the benefits of matcha green tea powder.

If you’ve forgotten the benefits of matcha green tea powder, refresh your memory.

Orange juice is one of the richest sources of vitamin C you can consume. In addition to power-packing your day, orange juice reduces inflammation and balances your blood pressure.

Carrot juice helps to regulate your cholesterol, improve immunity, and control heart disease. Not to mention it contains plenty of beauty benefits such as hair, nail, and skin care.

Wheatgrass contains almost every mineral known to man. From A to K, wheatgrass contains many of the vitamins needed to build new blood cells for your body. The best part? Mixing it into this Epic Booster will spare you the sour taste.

So whether you’re looking for a healthy alternative to your energy drink or wanting to add a kick to your morning, this Epic Booster is one of the many quick and easyways to get all the benefits of matcha green tea powder in one delicious matcha shot

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