Change your morning ritual and you will change your day.

Matcha is much more than a drink—it’s a ritual.


Part of an ancient Japanese mindful ceremony, performed with grace and beauty, matcha becomes an experience filled with respect and intention.

You can have this experience too.

The traditional Japanese tea ceremony is a reflection of harmony, grace, and respect. It’s a spiritual experience that recognizes the special nature of the present moment through intention and grace.

Aesthetics are an integral part of a ritual. Every detail caters to the senses and to the soul. In this ritual, ceremonial grade matcha is used. This is important because of its distinct color and feel—it’s silky, fine to the touch, smooth, fresh, and a vibrant green.

Whatever you are here to create, it starts with your daily ritual.

epic matcha

Starting your day with intention, with ritual, has a profound, lasting effect on every project you touch, every person you interact with, and every word you speak.

One of the main intentions behind Epic Matcha is to offer you an anchor for your own daily ritual. Drawing on the ancient tradition practiced for centuries in Japan, you can practice your own morning ritual to start your day with power, with grace, and with beauty.


Do one thing at the start of every day that lights a spark in you.

Create a morning ritual that feeds your soul. This simple intentional act will have a ripple effect on the rest of your life. It’s not the grand, sweeping changes that paint your life story. It’s the constant, continual actions and rituals, of small and simple strokes, that lead to transformation.
Rituals help you set specific intentions for your day. This magical matcha from Asia can be used daily in a modernized version of an ancient tea ceremony—as your morning ritual.

This ritual is meant to be enjoyed with every inch of your being. That’s why I’ve created different types of a Ritual Box for you to use to start your epic day.


Each Ritual Box comes with a Ritual Guidebook to help you begin your morning ritual. This will help you learn how to create sacred space and provide you with all the elements you need, like reiki-infused crystals, essential oil blends, how to prepare your matcha, and instructions for your ritual, plus much more.

Integrating the Ancient Ritual in Your Modern Life


I’ve journeyed to the land of the rising sun to bring back the most intentional, powerful and soothing way to begin your day. Matcha has been an anchor for me—helping to begin my days with a sense of peace and intention. I’ve shared my journey with you to inspire you on yours.