The Ancient Tradition of Ceremonial Matcha Tea

Ceremonial Matcha Tea

The ancient Japanese tea ceremony of serving matcha is one of the most sincere ways to enjoy a cup of tea with those you love.

In addition to delivering an excellent energizer to their day, this soothing Epic Matcha Ceremonial Tea is a reflection of harmony, grace, and respect.

The traditional Japanese ceremonial matcha ritual is much more than a pause for refreshment – it’s a spiritual experience that recognizes the special nature of the present moment and the present company.

Aesthetics are an integral part of this ritualized performance art, where each detail caters to the senses and to the soul. With the movement of a hand, ceremonial matcha is served to guests with each part of the picture carefully attended to.

This is no five-minute cup of tea. Take your time to prepare the ceremonial matcha tea slowly and securely.

Try to appeal to every one of your guests’ senses. From the room you serve the tea into the glass you pour it in, our Epic Ritual is meant to be enjoyed with every inch of your being.

Ready to get started?

Ceremonial Matcha Tea Recipe

Prep time: 10 mins Total time: 10 minsCeremonial Matcha Tea Recipe


  1. Clean all of your utensils well, then scoop the matcha into a bowl or cup.
  2. Ladle, or slowly pour, the hot water on top of the matcha.
  3. Using a traditional bamboo matcha whisk or a handheld electric milk frother, whisk the mixture until a light foam covers the top.
  4. If desired, add a natural sweetener like honey, stevia or agave.

Yield1 cup of EpicMatcha™ tea

(Need a little help? Watch a simple instructional video.)

Remember: Always serve your guests before yourself.

Take a moment to ingest the aromas and your surroundings. Enjoy the “Chado,” or “path of the tea,” as it brews and reflect on the present moment.

Breathe slowly. Drink mindfully.

For even the man who has prepared tea for 40 years still has much to learn.

This is your moment to express appreciation for the present moment and company.

Whether you choose to enjoy this tea in silence or make an exchange with your friends and family is entirely up to you.

In fact, Epic Matcha encourages you to make ceremonial matcha traditions of your own.

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