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The Journey of an Epic Matcha Tea Leaf

A Message from Jefry and Yolanda, Co-Founders & Husband/Wife

As a family-owned business, we are humbled by the 96,335 health-conscious people who have joined us in our quest to live life to its fullest by thinking better, feeling better, and living better, thanks to an ancient Buddhist secret and the hottest health trend of 2016 — matcha.

We hope you enjoy Epic Matcha as much as we did creating it.

Our own journey to create an EPIC matcha meant we first had to find a leaf that was epic. A leaf that could be stoneground into matcha worthy of the Epic name, and capable of helping people live an epic life.
It all begins with the leaf.

The better the leaf, the better the powder.

We searched. We sipped. We shared steaming pots of tea. We rubbed leaves between our palms, raising our hands to our face to breathe deeply the fresh green aroma. We spoke with many farmers all in the quest to find the best of the best tea leaves.

We wound up sampling Matchas from more than 60 different green tea farms in Japan and China.

Our Japanese Matcha is sourced from Uji (Kyoto), Nishio, and Shizuoka. Our Chinese Matcha comes from rural regions where the opportunities for impurities, such as airborne soil and contaminants, are reduced.

And while regions definitely come into play, our search for Epic Matcha was driven by qualities experiential to the senses. Taste, texture, and color.

Week after week, we conducted double blind taste tests. We focused on finding premium powders that were bright and vibrant green. We required a slight vegetal aroma, and eliminated any matcha tea with improper grassy notes, bitter tones, or an astringent taste.

We walked away from powders that weren’t pure and smooth, consistent in texture, that contained grit, or offered less than a perfectly uniform grind.

And we rejected matcha that failed to create and hold an ideal, dense foam after whisking.

This is just part of what we experienced on our journey to find the epic leaf – and to make sure that the Epic Matcha you experience is remarkable. For eight centuries, Zen masters have benefited from the mind-calming powers of matcha. Matcha green tea powder products provides up to 15 times the nutrients, and 137 times the antioxidants, of ordinary green tea. Zen masters couldn’t measure the numbers behind the science. But they could feel the results: a focused mind, calm energy, and remarkable stamina.

Now it’s your turn to experience Epic Matcha green tea powder products. No other matcha has been more carefully prepared for you. It’s ideal for your lattes, smoothies, sweets, and more.

Join us on our journey, and discover for yourself the benefits of Epic Matcha.

Jefry & Yolanda.