Day: April 9, 2022

Green Tea Turns Out Good For Treating Hair Loss You Know!Green Tea Turns Out Good For Treating Hair Loss You Know!

Green Tea Turns Out Good For Treating Hair Loss You Know!

Hair is a crown for women, but hair is also important for men. The problem of hair loss does not only apply to women, it turns out that for some men hair loss is also a very significant problem. What are the causes of hair loss? Some of the things that cause hair loss are due to severe anemia, fungal infections or dandruff, the result of several diseases, and can also be due to age, heredity, and prolonged stress.

Also, don’t take the wrong shampoo into account, because if the ingredients in a particular shampoo product are not suitable for you, it can also cause hair loss. Then how to deal with hair loss?

Green Tea For Your hair

You can use green tea or green tea, besides being delicious to consume, it turns out that green tea also has other benefits. Green tea contains EGGG compounds that can prevent hair loss and stimulate your hair growth, besides that green tea also contains antioxidants that can remove dead skin cells and dirt on your head.

The method is quite simple, provide enough green tea, it’s better if only natural green tea leaves are used. Soak green tea in hot water, let stand a few minutes, then lightly massage your scalp using the brewed green tea. These tips are safe for use by all ages, because green tea is a natural ingredient that is safe for our bodies, don’t hesitate to use this method when you feel your hair is starting to fall out because it’s a good idea to fix this problem with regular care. Good luck!