Day: November 3, 2021

Fully Peel the Efficacy of Matcha, The Green Tea That Many FansFully Peel the Efficacy of Matcha, The Green Tea That Many Fans

What is Matcha

Matcha is a type of powdered tea that is now starting to attract the attention of many people. Because of its popularity, now matcha is not only served in the form of hot tea, but is also processed into a variety of favorite foods and drinks for everyone. Indeed, what is the nutritional content of matcha and how do you process it to keep it healthy? Check out the following explanation.

Matcha is part of green tea

Many people consider matcha to be the same as green tea because they are both green and served in the form of cold or hot drinks. However, the two are different.

Matcha and green tea come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis from China. But the difference is, matcha is made from dry green tea leaves that have been finely ground before being served as warm tea. Because all parts of green tea are ground together, matcha provides more benefits than green tea.

Nutritional content in matcha

Matcha tea has a dominant sweet and bitter taste. The aroma of matcha is also stronger than that of green tea. In fact, the nutritional content is also touted more than other types of tea, as reported by Verywell.

One teaspoon of matcha contains 3 grams of calories, 27 milligrams of potassium, 6 percent of vitamin A, and 3 percent of vitamin C. Because the calories tend to be very few, you can use matcha to help you lose weight.

In the same amount, matcha contains 15 times more antioxidants than pomegranates and blueberries. In fact, the amount of antioxidants reaches 60 times more when compared to spinach.

The unique antioxidants found in matcha are known as catechins. This substance is very useful for protecting the body against degenerative diseases, such as heart disease and certain types of cancer.

In addition, the catechins in matcha can also prevent inflammation in the body, form healthy arteries, and help repair damaged body cells.

How to process matcha to make it healthier?

One of the best ways to enjoy matcha is to brew it in hot water. However, you can also enjoy matcha in the form of a sweet dish or another main dish, you know.

Various foods and drinks that can be processed with matcha are:


This matcha dish has been offered by many coffee shops and restaurants. But be careful, matcha drinks on the market are generally added with sugar so that it can increase the number of calories.

To be healthier, make your own version of the matcha drink by adding a little honey. Alternatively, make matcha ice first, then blend matcha ice to make smoothies. The taste is guaranteed to be more delicious and fresh, especially if you drink it when the weather is hot.

Fried noodles

What happens when matcha is mixed into a bowl of fried noodles? You should try it yourself and prove the deliciousness.

If you are bored with the same fried noodle dish, it’s a good idea to try experimenting with adding matcha. Mix a few teaspoons of matcha in a bowl, then add the soy sauce, garlic powder, ginger, sesame oil and a little honey.

When it’s evenly mixed, cook the sauce in a skillet and add some vegetables, chicken pieces, beef, shrimp or tofu. Once cooked, add the pre-boiled noodles and cook until thoroughly cooked.


Oatmeal is a healthy food that can help you feel full longer. Because the main taste of oatmeal tends to be bland, you can mix it with a little matcha powder as a topping.

Unlike other sweetened oatmeal, this homemade version can also be added with a pinch of cinnamon for a strong flavor without adding a lot of calories. For another variation, add popcorn to make it more savory and delicious.


You must be very familiar with matcha which is processed into contemporary cakes or just a topping on sweet foods. The sweet aroma of matcha can add to your taste buds while enjoying the cake.

Try mixing matcha into muffins, cookies, brownies, or puddings. If you don’t like the matcha taste that is too dominant, you can also add a little matcha as a cake or muffin topping to make it look more attractive and appetizing.