10 To-Die-For Matcha Desserts Guaranteed to Make You a Green Tea Fanatic

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With these scrumptious matcha desserts, it’s easy to make dessert a special occasion.

Even the healthiest lifestyle needs space for a treat now and then. You’ll savor each and every bite – down to the very last crumb or lick of the spoon. What are your dessert dreams made of? Heavenly custard cream? Dark chocolate truffles? Cute cupcakes with frosting? From milkshakes to mousse to macarons, add matcha to your kitchen repertoire and create unforgettable desserts. Matcha’s perky green color is the perfect match for sweet treats – and its health-boosting benefits bring balance to sugary indulgences. Make life sweeter with matcha desserts.


1. Mint Tea Matcha Milkshake

Milkshakes are amazing sweet treats, and they get even more exciting when you add some matcha green tea. Our Mint Tea Matcha Milkshake is one of our rich, creamy and refreshing matcha desserts. All you need are a few simple ingredients and a few minutes before you’re enjoying this awesome matcha milkshake recipe.

The Epic Matcha green tea powder makes this a healthy milkshake – something you don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying.

2. White Chocolate Matcha Cream Pie

It’s no secret that many women (and men) turn to chocolate when they’re feeling stressed. Whether it was a hard day at the office or a personal heartbreak, chocolate has a way of soothing our pains on bad days. Technically speaking, chocolate really does calm you down. When you eat chocolate, your brain begins to release endorphins that generate a sense of calm and well-being.

The problem is, when you turn to chocolate a little too often, you’re putting your health at risk. The solution? Chocolate Matcha!!

3. Matcha Green Tea Macaron with Chocolate Ganache

Macarons are French cookies that are just as delicious as they are beautiful. Many people believe that macarons are difficult to make from scratch, when in fact they are very easy. All you need is a gram scale and a great recipe (and we’ve got the recipe part covered.) These matcha green tea macarons with a chocolate ganache, is a spectacular Asian inspired variation. The variety of flavors results in the perfect cookie.

This recipe takes a little more effort than other matcha cookies, but the result is well worth the work. They are a lovely color and the refreshing vegetal taste makes the cookie taste just as good as it looks.

4. Matcha Cake Roll

This delicious matcha cake recipe takes everything you know and love about cake rolls and makes it unique with matcha green tea. The sweet and vegetal taste of matcha makes any dessert taste refreshing, but it shines through especially in this beautiful recipe. Though you don’t have to decorate your matcha cake roll, it’s one more step on an already easy matcha desserts recipe.

All you have to do is create a design with a piping bag and icing, and the effect it will leave on this matcha cake roll is absolutely beautiful. You don’t have to be an artist to come up with something great. Even simple patterns will leave a lovely look to this matcha green tea cake roll.

5. Matcha Cake

The Matcha Cake recipe creates a moist, dense green tea cake with an outside that has a great crunch to it. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, so it can be enjoyed as a dessert or even as breakfast. And, as always, because it’s made using matcha green tea powder, this green tea cake will help improve your energy, metabolism, and mood.

6. Emerald Pecan Brownies

When it comes to our recipes for matcha desserts, looks and flavour go hand in hand. In addition to adding a lovely emerald tint to almost anything it comes into contact with, matcha green tea powder has a wealth of benefits for your health.

Ready to be blown away by brownies that look absolutely beautiful and taste even better?


On to the main event: Emerald Pecan Brownies with white chocolate chips and matcha.

7. Oreo Matcha Cheesecake

There are plenty of ways to make a matcha cake, but today we’re showcasing the recipe to everyone’s favorite kind of matcha cake: the Epic Oreo Matcha Cheesecake.
This monster of a matcha cheesecake recipe is great for dinner parties, get-togethers, and birthdays. It’s especially impressive around Christmas time, where green desserts are festive and celebrated. When people ask how you got the cheesecake to be green, you can smile and tell them that matcha tea powder did all the work for you.

In addition to making a marvelous matcha cake, this matcha cheesecake recipe is great way to put a twist on traditional cheesecake and wow your guests, from the first glance to the last bite.

8. Matcha Custard: Panna Cotta

Panna cotta is a traditional Italian dessert that appeals to the senses and to the heart. Much like a custard or pudding, panna cotta is praised for its creamy texture and thickness. Served in a ramekin, these single-serving

matcha custard desserts have been catching eyes for years. This is the perfect combination of creamy and fresh, making one of the most adored recipes of our matcha desserts.

9. Matcha Tiramisu

Tiramisu is one of the most popular Italian desserts. But it’s not just Italians who love it—tiramisu has become a favorite amongst dessert lovers worldwide. The texture and sweet cocoa aroma of tiramisu has had people wanting another slice for generations.

Some might even say tiramisu is a staple point of an Italian restaurant. When you’re handed the dessert menu in an Italian restaurant, you expect tiramisu to be one of the first desserts listed. Perhaps it’s that very experience that makes this sweet treat memorable. Or maybe it’s the mesmerizing textures… That being said, it’s no surprise we came up with a recipe for matcha tiramisu.

10. Matcha Chocolate Truffles

These matcha truffles are quick to impress, and they disappear even quicker. After all, it’s no secret that matcha green tea and chocolate go great together. Tons of upscale chocolate brands have been putting green tea in their chocolate for years.

You’re going to love these matcha-dusted chocolate truffles. Their rich taste, with the refreshing and vegetal flavor of matcha green tea powder, sets them apart from the crowd.

With our stellar recipe, you can learn how to make matcha-dusted chocolate truffles, without the hassle of making most upscale desserts.

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