Because you cannot love and live fully from an empty cup.


I started Epic Matcha because I’m fascinated with the small and simple things that you can do, like creating a morning ritual and drinking matcha, and how those two little things can light up your mind, body, and soul.

Starting your day with intention has a profound ripple effect on every project you touch, every person you interact with, and every word you speak.

And, science proves that drinking matcha increases energy (without coffee jitters or crashes), brightens your mood, reduces stress and produces Alpha waves in the brain, giving you a calm, alert and focused effect. It matters how you start your day.

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Your epic life starts with your epic day.
And your epic day begins with an epic morning.


I’ve journeyed to the land of the rising sun to bring back the most intentional, powerful and soothing way to begin your day. My husband and I personally searched over 60 farms to source matcha from the most organic, sustainable and responsible regions of Japan and China. This matcha is truly EPIC. And it’s sourced and sent to you with love.

Epic Matcha from Japan
Epic Matcha from Japan

Japan: Home of Tea Ceremony. After discovering matcha for its energizing and calming effects, the monk Eisai introduced it to Japan in 1191, along with Zen Buddhism and a tea ceremony (still practiced today). Since then, science has proven that matcha can improve focus, reduce stress, unlock creativity, and contribute to an energy boost.

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Epic Matcha from China
Matcha from China

China: The Birthplace of Matcha. Matcha originated in China over eleven centuries ago when Buddhist monks in China discovered matcha for its energizing and calming effects. Today, science has proven that matcha can improve focus, reduce stress, unlock creativity, and contribute to an energy boost.

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Discovering the Miracle of Matcha

Christie Turley is the founder of Epic Matcha, a cutting-edge beverage company dedicated to helping health conscious people thrive. Her signature ingredient, matcha, is a superfood and health-giving green powder from Asia, that can light a spark in the body, mind and spirit as part of anyone's daily routine.

Christie founded Epic Matcha after a miraculous end to her 7-year battle with infertility and her experience working with thousands of high-achievers and entrepreneurs, to help spread her transformational message about self-care and the magic of morning rituals.

Read more about her journey—the challenges and the miracles—that brought Epic Matcha to life.

The Miraculous Story of Epic Matcha
Epic Matcha Founder, Christie Turley